Piedmont, and TURIN in particular, has been the Italian and perhaps European capital of chocolate since 1600.

As with other highly successful products, the birth of a delicacy like Gianduja chocolate is due to chance, or rather to the ability of the Piedmontese to make a virtue of necessity.
The city of Turin has specialized in the production of quality chocolate since shortly after the discovery of America. But the continental blockade, imposed by Napoleon in the early 1800s, caused the price of products imported from the British Colonies to skyrocket, and therefore also of cocoa.

So, to remedy the shortage and high cost of cocoa, Piedmontese pastry chefs thought of “cutting” the chocolate with hazelnuts, a prized local product available in abundance.

This improvised mix was the beginning of one of the most appreciated taste combinations and we know how to work it to make it irresistible.


Symbol of our city “IL Gianduiotto” has always been considered a product of excellence, the first chocolate in history to be individually packaged, the gianduiotto is Turin.
Classic Gianduiotto that makes the hazelnut paste the undisputed protagonist, creamy and intense.


Typical Piedmontese dessert, made of a crunchy dark chocolate shell that encloses a soft filling of hazelnut cream, Cointreau or the great classic rum.
Artisanally produced and completely free of preservatives, they are still among the most requested and sold products among the Piedmontese pralines.


Born between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this chocolate dressed as candy is now part of the tradition of the Piedmontese capital.
Legend has it that the name Cri-Cri was born thanks to the love story between two young people: Paolo and Cristina.
Before reaching his beloved, the boy always stopped at a pastry shop to buy a bag of chocolates that had no name.
Their specialty was that you could enjoy them without getting your fingers dirty.
The pastry shop assistant, who knew both of them, asked every time: “Cri?”
And he responded with a loving smile: “Cri!”.
The owner of the shop, witnessing this scene every day, decided to call these pralines covered in sugar spheres, with a heart of toasted hazelnut and dark chocolate “Cri-Cri”


Perfect for treating yourself to a delicious break.
Dark chocolate combined with whole toasted hazelnuts gives life to an unmistakable delicacy “Il Nocciolato”, a product of excellence for true moments of ecstasy.


A sweet surprise.
Our eggs are handcrafted using the finest Belgian chocolate, the best, master of balance. Skilled hands know how to create dozens of different varieties in the packaging to satisfy all needs. This internationally celebrated chocolate offers a dense texture and high meltability.
Easter eggs with surprise!!

• Dark chocolate
Roasting the whole beans guarantees a full flavour, with refined background notes, the solid body of the cocoa and fine, fruity notes.
Available formats: 300g- 600g- 900g- 1200g

• Milk chocolate
A cocoa characterized by an enveloping shade and an intense flavor, enriched by caramelized nuances. This internationally celebrated chocolate offers a dense texture and high meltability
Available formats: 300g- 600g- 900g- 1200g

• Create your own personalized Easter egg
You can choose the quality of chocolate you prefer, dark, milk or mixed, and insert your surprise into the egg, to make your gift perfect and fun.


A little explosion of sweetness. Chocolates that contain the most loved flavors.
Eggs with a heart of 100% pure Arabica coffee, hazelnut, pistachio or 75% dark chocolate, milk or gianduia, a different surprise for each color.


Sugared eggs with a tender Gianduia chocolate heart enclosed in a thin layer of colored sugar. For an Easter full of color.


The tasting of this delight is a must on a trip to Turin sopraJuJo for the sweet tooth. Do not miss this goodness with the taste of coffee, chocolate and good rum. As per tradition to accompany many preparations such as; coffee, milk, grappa, ice cream, fruit, cream or puddings. To be enjoyed hot or cold and in many other ways as your imagination suggests.