The company was founded in 1953 as F.lli Racca, in a small laboratory in Via Bava 24, in the historic center of Turin, Attilio Racca and his brother Bartolomeo Racca gave life to Panettone Racca. With dedication to work and the precious presence of the two wives Teresita and Isolina, Panettone Racca was very successful in Turin.
With the passage of time the work grew considerably, until it filled the space that the restaurant in Via Bava had.
In 1964 they made a decision for a radical change, to build a factory to increase production.
A year later in 1965, the building in Via Onorato Vigliani 149 in Turin was inaugurated, thus being able to create new products, such as biscuits, dry and fresh pastries, all always dedicated to tertiary work. 23 years later, given the age of the two founders, they decided to sell the company to the brothers Moscone Mario and Moscone Giancarlo and their respective wives Emma and Silvana, giving life to the current Pasticceria Racca. They developed new products such as the Piedmontese Panettone today a great protagonist of the production, Colombe and Uova Pasquali, in 1997 the division of the company Giancarlo and Silvana give way to the entrance of the sons of Mario, Marco and Andrea, the group strengthens the ideas by creating the point sales within the company itself, evolving the work to the request of the Turin public and creating new products for sale in Italy and Europe.